t-n-t #118

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Featuring "Calamities of Nature" (scroll down for more)

Today's t-n-t is brought to you with the help of Calamities of Nature by Tony Piro. It is tentatively the last of the t-n-t Webcartoonist Collaborations 2008, as the 8th cartoonist is swamped in real life and may not be able to complete his part. Anyway, today's piece took a lot of time and effort, and you'll probably never see anything like this on t-n-t again. Or not?

Tony kindly provided the crazy banter going on in today's strip, so go check out his wildly popular and beautifully rendered Calamities of Nature. And yesterday was his birthday, so wishes are in order.

See if you can spot 2 references to Tony's comic in the comic above.

The GIF below shows the rough sketch I sent him and the end result with his dialogue:

This strip is part of a series of eight in conjunction with the t-n-t Webcartoonists Collaboration 2008:

Enjoy today's strip! Regular strips resume tomorrow, as always.