t-n-t #117

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Featuring "School Spirit" (scroll down for more)

Daniel VanderWerff of School Spirit brings us the dialogue for today's collaboration, the 6th! In case you don't understand the term "two bagger", it's used to describe a girl whose physical appearance is so..... 'lacking'...... that you put a bag over her head to cover her face, and then put one over yours in case hers breaks and you're recognized going out with her.

If you're a School Spirit fan, you'll spot the hidden references. If you're not a fan, it's about time you got started!

The GIF below alternates between the rough sketch I sent to Daniel and the end result with his dialogue:

This strip is part of a series of eight in conjunction with the t-n-t Webcartoonists Collaboration 2008:

Enjoy today's strip! And tomorrow...... FULL COLOR SUNDAY.


Mr V said...

Heh. You almost got the translation right. The second bag isn't there so people don't recognise you, it's so you don't look at her face if her bag tears.

Although, you're reason is highly understandable too!