t-n-t Hiatus #2

Monday, January 21, 2008

1 Week Hiatus (20th Jan - 27th Jan) - Hiatus Special #2

Like I promised, here's the second hiatus special edition.

t-n-t is about a lot of things, but the main theme is about the life of a blogger. In this case, his name is Trent. Today, I looked back at the strips I've published so far and tried to select 3 of my personal favorites which are blogger-related.

t-n-t #67 deals with Trent's absurd idea to dress as a blog to attend a party with L.J. If you've been following this comic strip, you'll know that L.J. is the Anti-Blogger incarnate. I like this strip mainly because the Blog Costume turned out really wacky. Did anyone notice the mouse tail?

t-n-t #57 shows how Mei, the Extremist, deals with people who criticize her blog; she sends "specialists" to handle the suckers. The 'erasing memory' part was inspired collectively by Men In Black and Heroes. I also like how the art in the 2nd panel turned out, even though I've moved away from computer generated props nowadays.

t-n-t #38 gives an insight on a few of the blog categories in existence out there on the internet. There's the hot girls with their photo-laden websites, the gadget-freak blogs for us guys and then there's the emo-i-wanna-slash-my-wrists kind of sites.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more hiatus specials!