t-n-t Hiatus #1

Sunday, January 20, 2008

1 Week Hiatus (20th Jan - 27th Jan)

I will be having exams over the next few weeks (yes, in Real Life), so I'll be putting the comic strip on a week-long hiatus. The site will continue updating though, as I'll be putting up some stuff. Mainly a "t-n-t revisited" series looking back on some of my favourite strips which I've published so far together with commentary. Go here to view the Hiatus Special Editions.

Be sure to check back after the hiatus, though, as I've got a great thing planned! Let's just say that it's a bunch of really, really crazy stuff, with t-n-t's characters saying a load of even wackier dialog than usual....

Oh, and if you stumbled in here today expecting the Sunday strip and found the piece of artwork above instead, don't be disappointed. Go read Stefan Gaulin's Flapjack & Toastie! It's delightful, smart and will give you hunger pangs for a lavish breakfast slathered in butter and served with strong black coffee, non of that pansy Starbucks stuff.