t-n-t #113

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Featuring "A Large Panda" (scroll down for more)

Today's Webcartoonist Collaboration is with A Large Panda, a photorealistic webcomic with a political lean by Lord Pandar (I don't know his real name, it's an enigma!).

Check out the cameo in the strip!

Below is the GIF of the sketch I made and sent to Lord Pandar, and the finished version with his words. If you look closely, you'll notice that the mime was entirely his idea. Cool?

This strip is part of a series of eight in conjunction with the t-n-t Webcartoonists Collaboration 2008:

Enjoy today's strip!

EDIT: I just read this on Apathetic Rant, it would've been perfect for t-n-t! Well, ideas are aplenty and I'm sure I'll get the next good one first!


playah said...

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Mike said...

Glad you liked the comic, there are loads of different jokes about the same subject though, I had a few other jokes in mind, but that one was the one I settled on. There are loads of ways of phrasing it as well, I think it'd work really well with your characters.
Keep up the good stuff, I really like how the comic is progressing