t-n-t #112

Monday, January 28, 2008

Featuring "A Slice Of Life" (scroll down for more)

I'm back from my week-long hiatus with a special week of guest-authored strips. Today's collaboration is with Noel Graham of A Slice of Life, a 5-times-a-week webcomic. A Slice of Life is abstract, black & white art portraying a "slice" in the life of an unnamed individual, whose "slice" is somehow served with a larger helping of exaggeration and absurdity than usual.

If you're familiar with A Slice of Life (or if you're Noel himself), you might spot a reference in today's comic.

Below, you can see a GIF of the sketch I made and sent to Noel, and then the end result with the dialogue he kindly provided me with.

This strip is part of a series of eight in conjunction with the t-n-t Webcartoonists Collaboration 2008:

Enjoy today's strip!