t-n-t #105

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Great French Fries Dispenser

I was suffering a cartoonist's block when I sat down to make today's strip, so I took a page from the creators of South Park. Everyone loves South Park. Go watch it!

Anyway, for their episode Save Willzyx, they started out with the desire of seeing a dead whale on the moon in the final shot. With this bizarre image in mind, they then wrote a whole story which led to this absurd conclusion.

So I sat down after a dinner of french fries and envisioned a............FRENCH FRY DISPENSER!
And voila~ you have today's gag.


Anonymous said...

Are they really fries when the are boiled? wuldn't that m,ake them boiles or something?

t-n-t said...

Hmm, yeah, they'd be french boils or something.