t-n-t #136

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Superblogger 4

Trent's first foray into trying to become a more popular blogger.

On another note, another 45 strips have passed since the last character design tweaking here on t-n-t! It has become a tradition for me to "evolve" and streamline the appearances of the characters every 45 strips. The first took place in t-n-t #46, the 2nd in t-n-t #91 and now, at t-n-t #136, we'll uphold that tradition.

The change at #46 was a rather drastic one, revamping my characters style drastically. The change at #91 was less dramatic, but an important one nevertheless, because I chose to discard Photoshop patterns in my characters' clothing and hair.

The current changes are more subtle, as I believe my style has stabilized a bit. You might notice the new fonts, though. Yes, I have suspected that my previous font was not 100% suitable, and Tony of the amazing Calamities of Nature was great enough to confirm my suspicions. So, what do you think of the sparkling new font?

Enjoy today's comic strip!


Vorguees said...

Great, It's what I call the evolution of the cartoonist, we all improve our characters more the time draw them.

About the font, it is a slight change, and it looks good.

t-n-t said...

Hey, so do you have a comic too?

tpiro said...

New font looks great. I'm always worried about changing stuff as well. But I just tell myself I'll be doing this for years to come. So in the end, it's the early stuff that will look "strange," not the the newer stuff. It's all about always finding ways to improve!

Vorguees said...

Yep, four years with a geek web comic about a hospital all made in Spanish (my Mother Lenguaje) ando some translated to English.

And a week week ago I wanted to do something different, and I started something called Play Now Weekend,

youo can check it out if you want here:


Blake said...

The new font looks great, it fits well. The old one looked unique, but this one is a lot easier to read. I like how you kept the old font for sound effects and what not, great execution!