t-n-t #94

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's the new year, and a time for changes and fresh starts. Haha, real philosophical. Anyway, I've made numerous changes to the website, all for the better.
The archives have been vastly improved, now you readers have the option of a calendar-style as well as a drop-down list style navigation for the archives, whichever rocks your boat.
The 'About' section has been upgraded to be a more indepth experience. Now, like in Wikipedia, you can click on links throughout the character descriptions to view the relevant comic strip used to narrate each character's life and traits. Go try it out!
You will also have noticed that I made a new banner (above) to match the new style in character design.
And, as usual, you can vote for me by clicking on the buttons below or donate!! Much appreciated, and it'll inspire me to produce more higher quality strips.