t-n-t #115

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Featuring "Invincible Jeff" (scroll down for more)

Everybody loves Jeff. Especially since he's invincible. Today, the creator of this indestructible character, Andreas Gustafsson, contributes his share to the Webcartoonists Collaboration. Check out his dialogue above, and check out Invincible Jeff here! (*Note: The 1st Season of IJ has finished and the 2nd Season starts in Spring '08, I believe.)

In honor to Jeff, L.J. wears an "Oh Beehive" hoodie today.

Here's the GIF of the initial sketch I sent to Andreas, and the end result. I actually modified the words a bit to suit t-n-t, but the essential concept was his!

This strip is part of a series of eight in conjunction with the t-n-t Webcartoonists Collaboration 2008:

Enjoy today's strip!


David Weisman said...

I've had days where I got up looking more like the rough draft - and so did the world around me!