t-n-t #17

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This is the 17th t-n-t comic strip, and it's also the 17th day that this blog-based comic has been running. Compared to all those webcomics out there which date back as far as 2005 or even earlier, this project is still a baby! But hey, all great things have to start out somewhere, right?

As somebody who blogged for 3 years before stopping, I can tell you that receiving response to your rants is not always easy. While some bloggers are flooded with comments from their readers, others remain dry and abandoned for long periods of time. A blog's popularity depends on alot of factors, like how interesting the stuff you put up actually is to how hard you are willing to 'push' the blog on people.

Don't you think it's the same with a webcomic?


Locke said...

Definitely, exactly the same. I tried starting one, but then realized I can't draw and theres so many freakin stick figure and sprite comics it would feel so contrived and unoriginal to do one :P Good job on sticking with it, keep it up.